Frequently asked questions


Is it really $0/night + final cleaning...?

Yes. It really is, no strings attached and no hidden fees (we don't believe in them). Your annual membership fee is the only recurring cost meaning that the more you travel, the more you save.

Travelling on Noad really is $0/night regardless of home size, location, or number of guests. Final cleaning varies per home and ensures you return to a professionally cleaned home after hosting another member!

How is Noad different to other short term rentals (like Airbnb)?

Noad is not a rental platform. Noad is a members-only home sharing community focused on affordable, reliable travel experiences. All homes are actually lived in by members and reviewed for home office compatibility so you can be comfortable and productive from anywhere.

Who are the other members on Noad?

Noad is a like-minded community of professionals with a shared love of travel. That takes many forms; hybrid workers, digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs, empty nesters, and those of us who just want to experience new places.

Our members come from across the world. Many work for companies you’ve heard of (Google, Slack, Salesforce, TikTok) and many are their own boss.

Consistent across all our members is a desire to be a part of a community and an understanding of how community can enrich travel. If you are tired of transactional, impersonal travel experiences - you’ve come to the right place.

Can I use Noad for my vacation travel or is it only for workations?

You can enjoy the freedom of affordable accommodation anytime, anywhere, however you like! Our community connects over a shared interest in remote work and location flexibility, but you are welcome to use Noad however best fits your lifestyle.


Do I have to add my home to travel?

Noad is built on trust, and in order to create a trusted “give-to-get” community, every member needs to have an approved home listing before they can travel. Our members treat every homes like their own, because they are also hosts themselves.

Can my family or friends travel with me?

Absolutely! We all know travel is best enjoyed together, so bring your family and friends along. There are no additional “per guest” fees.

How should I leave someone’s home at the end of my trip?

Cleaners will be coming after your stay so that your host returns to a clean home. A quick tidy up is generally appreciated by fellow members!

You’ll also receive a “guest guide” from us before your first trip!

Credits & Bookings

How can I earn more Credits?

Of course, the best way to earn Credits is to host! You will receive 2 Credits for every night another member stays in your home.

We also value and reward being an active, contributing member of the Noad community. Here's how:

  • Complete your home listing & update availability: 1 Credit
  • Add a video walkthrough of your home: 1 Credit
  • Have an intro call with one of the co-founders: 1 Credit
  • Refer a friend: 2 Credits
  • Contribute content for our blog: 4 Credits
  • Leave a thank you note for your host and provide feedback: 1 Credit
  • Apply to be a Local Ambassador: Contact us!

How does Noad account for different home values?

Right now, all homes are 1 Credit per night. While that might change in the future, our members enjoy the freedom to earn Credits for their home and choose to spend them where they find value. Members also appreciate the simplicity of the system.

By reviewing and approving every listing, Noad homes are curated to offer a more consistent experience. By joining a like-minded community of professionals, we’ve found that other member homes will be quite similar to yours!

Do we have to exchange homes at the same time?

The Credit system gives you the flexibility to host a member from Boston and then use those Credits to travel to Lisbon. So you do not have to go to Boston in return, and you can go to Lisbon whenever is best for you!

Can I transfer my Credits or receive Credits from others?

Yes, Credits can be transferred between active, approved members.

Can my family or friends use my Credits without me there?

The approved member needs to be present at their bookings to maintain the trust in our community, so hosts know that their guests are also Noad members.

Safety & Security

What is and isn’t covered in the damage protection policy?


  • Guest accidental and malicious damage
  • Guest damage due to theft
  • Guest damage to belongings/contents
  • Guest damage to common/shared areas

Not covered

  • General wear and tear/cosmetic damage
  • Damage not caused directly by a guest
  • Bodily injury suffered by a guest or host

How do you verify the identity of the members?

We use the industry leading 3rd party service to screen and verify the identify of every member. Member identity is verified through public databases and checked against short term rental flag lists and the sex offender registry.

You can read more about our screening and verification service here.


Can I approve who stays in my home?

Absolutely. Every booking is "request to book" and is only finalized after a video chat intro between you and your guest. Our members love meeting each other, sharing local knowledge, and creating a trusting relationship before traveling.

What happens if something is broken or stolen?

We use the industry leading 3rd party service to include an unmatched $5M damage protection plan on every booking. The best part is, if something does happen, we will chase the guest for damages so you don’t have to.

You can learn more about our damage protection policy here.

How should I prepare for my guest’s arrival?

Our members understand that Noad homes are lived in and loved. Don't worry about having clothes in the closet or stuff in your drawers. We only ask to tidy your home as you would if you had family coming to visit.

You’ll also receive a “host guide” from us before you welcome your first guest.

Are there any minimum hosting durations?

Once your home is approved and you’re an active member, there are no minimum hosting requirements. How often you host, who you host, and when you host are completely up to you!

How does final cleaning work?

In short, the guest pays for one final cleaning and the host is responsible for scheduling the cleaners.

If you already have a regular cleaner, you can tell us how much cleaning costs while submitting your home. The guest will pay for cleaning while making their booking and then Noad will send you the cleaning cost.

If you do not have a cleaner you work with, we will help you find and vet one.

In both cases, the host communicates directly with the cleaner for how to access the home and when to schedule cleaning.

What about utilities?

Utilities are dealt with on an individual basis between guest and host. It is best to discuss this during your virtual check-in. Heating and cooling are the biggest concerns and what fluctuate, and cost, the most. Here are some items to discuss:

  • Is the booking longer than 1 or 2 weeks?
  • Is it the height of summer or winter?
  • Is the location particularly cold or hot, needing more heat or AC?
  • Are there any unusual utility requirements to consider?

Will my home qualify?

If I rent or lease my home, can I list it on Noad?

Since no money is exchanged between host and guest, you are welcoming a guest into your home as you would any other. We suggest proactively letting your landlord know you will be hosting guests and that you are not renting out your apartment.

If you have questions about your lease, we would be happy to review it with you. Each landlord is entitled to their own rules on this topic and yours may differ. We recommend that all members read their lease and verify the rules before listing their home.

What are the “work-ready” and WiFi requirements?

We review every home for a minimum WiFi speed of 20 Mbps. You’ll be able to run a speed test while adding your home, or simply click here

We also ask that every home has at least one dedicated workspace and ask you to add photos specifically of the workspace.

I have flatmates/roommates, can I still list my home on Noad?

We have two types of homes: “entire places” and “private rooms”. You can list your private room in a house or apartment. You need to check with your flatmates before doing so and the room must be “private” with no one else occupying the bedroom you list.

During your virtual check-in with your guests, most members appreciate 5 minutes to “meet the roommates” before finalizing the booking. Your flatmates will appreciate it too!

My home owner's association does not allow vacation rentals, can I still list my home on Noad?

Since you are not collecting rental income from your guests, they are considered guests in your home. Similar to landlords, we suggest proactively letting your HOA know you will be hosting guests and that you are not renting out your home while you’re away.

If you have questions about your home owner's association agreement, we would be happy to review it with you. Each HOA is entitled to their own rules on this topic and yours may differ. We recommend that all members read their agreements and verify the rules before listing their home.


What happens to the Credits if the guest cancels a booking?

If a guest cancels their booking, we let the host decide how many Credits to refund back to the guest. If the host has already spent their earned Credits, they may choose not to refund them. If the host has not used the Credits, it is their choice how many to send back to the guest who cancelled.

What happens to the Credits if the host cancels a booking?

If your host cancels the booking, your Credits and cleaning cost will be refunded back to you. The host will lose the Credits earned from the booking.

What if someone cancels after flights have been booked?

Many members choose to buy trip cancellation protection since they are saving so much on accommodation by using Noad.

Strong communication with your host leading up to your trip can help, but if your host cancels after you've booked your flights it's best to stay in contact with them and search for alternatives. Cancellation is an unfortunate possibility in home exchanges, which we work to address by building a trusted community.

Things happen, and if you have a last-minute cancellation, Noad’s team will make every effort to help you find alternative accommodation. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee alternatives for every booking.