Our story

Photo of Jonah and Austin

5 Years, 40 countries and 1,100 nights in Airbnbs

Jonah & Austin are two ex-engineers who leapt off the corporate ladder 5 years ago and hit the road, seeking more.

Since then, they have started and scaled businesses and sailed all over the world. Jonah designed & built a tiny house and Austin wrote a Best Selling book. All while living out of 172 Airbnbs and counting.

The idea for Noad sparked...

The idea for Noad sparked when Jonah rented a friend's apartment in Whistler, Canada for 3 months to enjoy the ski season. The friend, Mike, works remotely for Shopify which has a “Work From Anywhere” employee program that encourages all employees to work abroad for 90 days/year. Mike had always wanted to use this benefit but couldn't justify paying double-rent for 3 months.

When Jonah offered to cover Mike's Whistler rent, Mike rented a beach bungalow in Costa Rica for 3 months, win-win! Austin came to visit Jonah in Whistler and they asked Mike how it was going in Costa Rica.

Mike said it was beautiful, but there was no desk and the WiFi went out every time it rained... Needless to say neither Mike (or Shopify) were very happy. While Mike was getting cut off from Zoom for 3 months, Jonah & Austin were enjoying Mike’s standing desk, fast WiFi, and dual monitors.

It was immediately clear that Mike, and Shopify, need a better solution. Realizing that there are 127 million "Mikes" out there was the spark for Noad.